Sometimes materials on public transport vehicles suffer irreversible deterioration due to vandalism, repeated graffiti attack or accidental damage. There is always pressure on public transport operators to keep vehicles in service; so it is usually impractical and too costly to send vehicles away for refurbishment to deal with deteriorated materials.


So GTECH Strategies Limited has developed specialist in-situ repair processes as part of the Recover, Care and Repair Regime.  The Repair Regime is now regularly used by London Underground’s maintenance contractors, Tube Lines and Metronet Rail, to repair the materials on its train fleet.  GTECH Strategies Limited can project manage repair processes from start to finish, selecting materials, training staff and generating statutory documentation to enable quick turnaround repairs to be carried out.

Service Package
Repair Regime
Fully Compliant, In-Situ Methods 
for Repairing Deteriorated Materials






Graffiti Control.