Fleets of trains, buses and trams are built to be hard wearing with many years of life carrying passengers.  During their lifetime in service, build materials are exposed to high densities of passengers, most of whom treat the vehicles with respect.  However there will always be mishaps when drinks or food are spilt onto surfaces and the undesirable individuals who apply graffiti or vandalise the vehicles.


The Care Regime was developed by GTECH Strategies Limited for London Underground as part of the Recover, Care and Repair Regime.  It is a life cycle maintenance strategy for the materials in passenger areas of public transport vehicles.  It provides simple, cost effective ways of continuously improving all aspects of materials maintenance.  The recommendations are made based on the available human resources, budgets and the logistics of the maintenance depot.


Care Regime
A Continuous Improvement 
Approach to Materials Maintenance







Service Package
Graffiti Control.